As a small business owner, I am always on the lookout for different things to do to promote my business.  Being a small business owner means you do not have an abundance of money or time to research everything that is available with social media.  You probably do not have the time needed to invest to see what form of social media may work better than another or even what the results may bring in regards to increasing your business.

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Social Media and promoting your business go hand in hand.  The better your presentation - the better your response.  Social Media starts with creating a website, creating a Facebook page, going onto Twitter, maybe even placing some of your products on Pinterest with sale prices.  Your presentation, no matter what form, needs to contain keywords.  Keywords are the tags that snag spyders to process your website or Facebook page on search engines.  Once in their grip, you need to stay there.  As long as you stay in their grip, your website, Facebook page, presentation gets promoted to the top of the list.  The list is displayed when someone enters your keyword or keywords to find information about you and what you do.  Keywords are not proprietary.  One keyword can refer to hundreds of websites.  Your number on the list that is brought up with that keyword in a search engine such as Google or Yahoo is determined by how active your website or Facebook page is.  Activity can be determined by articles posted and how often or adding of new items to your website.

As you may know, Social Media is taking over the newspaper business.  People can access it easier.  Practically all newspapers sell subscriptions online and you have your newspaper online.  Switching from print copy to internet copy should be a slow but progressive movement.  You need to research to find the best price that is comparable or below what you currently spend on your print advertising.  Unfortunately, print advertising prices are going up because of the lack of business to buy print advertising.

2.   If you are not on the internet, you need to be.  Search for hosting companies that 
offer a low monthly or yearly rate.  Hosting companies are always offering deals 
such as Hostgator offers hosting for a penny for one year.

One of the biggest advantages of advertising and promoting on the internet is that your information goes all over the world.  Anyone anywhere can access your website and/or Facebook page.  This also leads to online purchases.  If your product or service is able to be purchased online, then congratulations you just increased your advertising power 10 fold.  If you sell online, there are a few costs you will need to include in your pricing such as shipping, website costs, and your payment.  These costs are spread across all product prices. 

3.   Create your own website.  A lot of hosting companies offer a 
free website builder.  As long as you do not sell online, you will just 
pay a hosting fee.  You will need a domain name.  The hosting company
will tell you if your domain name is available or not or an alternative you can use.  
You will have to pay for this name and a domain name fee.

Websites - AMAZING.  This is all I can say.  You can put your entire store on a few pages on a website. You can even offer colors and sizes and designs for your products.  The main cost of your website is the hosting fee, the e-commerce fee, and the fee for the individual or corporation to set up your website. 

When I first became interested in the internet, I think it was in the 1980s.  Yeah, quite some time ago.  It took some time to learn how it worked.  Over time, education, and with help from others, I have learned how to be a Social Media Manager.  I am an individual who works from home.  My skills include creating and maintaining websites, creating and maintaining Facebook pages, the use of Pinterest for promotion, and other Social Media mediums.  Creativity is my biggest interest.  I like to find out about people and then base the design of the website on the people and their products.  Then I apply keywords.  The more commonly used words or phrases to find your business is what you use as a tag or keyword in your website name and Facebook page.  You also use keywords on most of the pages on your website.

Call V F M J  Phone number 603-991-8247.  Owner’s name is Vanessa Jones.
V F M J offers a free evaluation to determine your internet and social media needs.

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Facebook is testing a number of new privacy settings intended to better alert users of who they are sharing with on the platform.
The company shared plans on Tuesday for upcoming tests that will alter the way users select the audiences that see the posts they share. On Facebook's web version, users can currently select from a drop-down menu which audience — "public" or "friends" — they want to share their post with.

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That drop-down menu will now look different for some users, and groups like "Public" and "Friends" now include short definitions that better explain what each group entails. ("Public," for example, includes "anyone on or off Facebook.") The company is also testing a pop-up reminderthat features a cartoon dinosaur encouraging users to pay attention to this audience setting.

Facebook will also test moving the intended audience label to the top of the post, instead of the lower-righthand corner where it sits now, as a way to ensure its visibility. This strategy has already been implemented on Facebook's mobile apps.
Facebook started testing a new pop-up that includes a blue Privacy Dinosaur reminding people to check who they share with.

These changes represent a larger push from Facebook to ease concerns from users who believe the company isn't providing the necessary privacy offerings, or that Facebook's privacy issues change too often, according to Mike Nowak, a product manager on Facebook's privacy team. Nowak wants users to know that Facebook hears their concerns.

"There's an unpleasant surprise when you share things thinking that they're going to be seen by one audience and then somebody you didn't expect interacts with that," Nowak says. 

"When people have an unpleasant surprise like this, it's bad for them and it's bad for us.""When people have an unpleasant surprise like this, it's bad for them and it's bad for us."

Nowak says that the company's goals around privacy haven't changed, but its approach has, with Facebook incorporating more feedback from users in order to build out privacy settings. The privacy team, for example, has a screen in its office that surfaces comments and feedback from users, a constant reminder of the issues users are concerned over.

Facebook is also conducting 4,000 privacy-related surveys each day gathering feedback from users to better understand their wants and needs, Nowak says.

One issue users continually requested for change: the ability to hide old cover photos from non-friends. Cover photos, the broad photos at the top of a user's profile, are considered "publicly available information" by the company, and are currently viewable by anyone. Facebook is testing a setting that allows users to hide old cover photos, so only the current photo is available for the public.

All of these changes are part of Facebook tests, which the company does whenever it rolls out a new product or setting, according to Nowak. There is no timetable for a full rollout, and it's possible that some of the changes never make it there if feedback from users is not positive.



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